Spacio Pod In The US
May 17, 2016

Our Latest Spacio Pod Installation In The US


We recently installed a couple of bespoke Spacio Phone Booths in Erwin Creates offices in Greenville, USA.

Designed as a space where creatives can rent desks or offices, the Erwin Creates offices had to be alluring while it catered to the needs of various types of users. There existed a need for both collaborative areas as well as spots where quiet work is possible. The most cost and space effective solution to this issue was to employ the use of some Spacio Phone Booths.

Taking into account the nature of hot-desking and agile working, noise pollution would be a problem for those who need peace and quiet to concentrate on a specific task at hand. These phone booths offer acoustic properties that allow the user to be isolated from outside noise as well as the other way around.

These acoustic pods were customised to fit into an already existent colour palette and custom manifestations were brought onto the glass to avoid any potential mishaps.

Spacio Phone Booths