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Bespoke Projects

At Apres we have over 20 years of dealing with furniture commissions and specialise in the creation of custom made furniture of the highest quality.
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Après Furniture were handed the reigns when Black River Asset Management’s relocation from Surrey to Covent Garden necessitated a new office refurbishment.
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We realise that a lot of thought and planning goes into the initial phases, whether you are after a bespoke desk or custom made reception furniture.
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164 years ago in Campfield, Manchester, the very first book was borrowed from a public library in the UK. Are we about to see the death of the library?
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Nothing, apart perhaps from owning a yacht, screams, "you've made it!" quite the way having your very own custom made library does.
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When the designer is happy with his designs he will arrange another meeting with you where you will discuss the particulars of the piece.
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Through our stealthy intelligence operations, we've come out ahead of the pack and already have years of experience in the field of custom made furniture.
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The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have now come to an end. As we are watching the athletes parade in London, the Après Furniture team send congratulations.
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Après were invited by the set design team at Create to discuss the production of the Olympic Sofa in February this year. After a series of design development meetings.
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