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Spacio Pods

The Spacio acoustic range system is customisable, demountable, can easily be reconfigured and, unlike partitioning, there are no dilapidation costs to consider.
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These acoustic pods are made to insulate users from the everyday noises associated with open plan offices, affording them some much-needed privacy.
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Spacio® Mini Work Pod is a single person privacy booth for escaping the office noise and getting down to work. It affords the user just that little more space.
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The latest pod, the Spacio® Lounge Pod, is a two-person privacy meeting pod for escaping the office noise or holding a small informal meeting.
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Many UK businesses have not yet started to cater for the needs of new moms New moms need space where they can comfortably – and safely – express breast milk.
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Sage recently took delivery of their four Spacio Bricks Phonebooths to provide a quiet space for their staff to hold private calls or do some work.
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Acoustic pods, provide an integral service to any open plan office environment: giving employees the space to escape the hustle and bustle.
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Our Spacio Brick range offers fully customisable products and can be loaded with tech features on the inside and custom painted or milled on the outside
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Spacio Meeting Pods can be erected anywhere in an open plan office to create a quiet meeting space. So quiet in fact, that it comes standard with 95% speech privacy.
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The technology that goes into the design and manufacturing of acoustically sound office products have dramatically improved over the last few years.
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